Opia: n. The ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable

I have found that in the most critical moments, anything is made more intense by eye contact.

For a lover, there isn’t quite anything like the gravitational like force pulling you to connect your senses with theirs, enclosing what space could be stitched together, willingly mimed & blinded & surrendered.

For a beggar, the span of seconds you hold their gaze is the thin thread between their hope & their dignity, your mercy & your pride for one can choose to give and one can only wait to be given.

For a stranger, the beginning of a relationship suddenly enfolds, blooming in the back of your mind. A friend, a soulmate, a playmate; who they are, you need not know for your ideals have suddenly found a face to latch itself onto. To comfort you — but only in your head.

Then again there are ugly stares, the ones that dig deep into your bones, the ones that echo and reflect how worthless you feel. And ironic that the ones that resonate the most can come from the ones you look up to; a teacher, a parent, a loved one. Sometimes disapproval helps to guide. Most of the time, it just hurts.

Eye contact is so beautiful and so disadvantageous. They really are the windows of the soul for no matter how many masks you wear, your eyes will always reveal your downfall.
But then again, there are also doors. Beware of people with stars in their eyes, they’ll pull you into their universe and you’ll be late to find you can never really exit, you can never escape them.

Be careful who you make eye contact with.


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